Venue and Hospitality

Venue and HospitalityHighly Complex Considerations Undertaken With Ease .

Venue booking and considerations are the foundation of any event. Being the least flexible process in the event management spectrum, venue and hospitality presents the biggest challenge to an event organizer. With the ever-increasing scale, grandeur and complexity of events, finding the right venue can be challenging.

Our venue and hospitality team ensures that the correct venue is matched with the event in terms of size as well as budget leaving ample options open for scalability and last minute additions. In collaboration with our logistics team, we also assists you in getting rooming and residential blocks in and around the venue


  • Venue selection and considerations
  • Hall selections and working drawings
  • Seating arrangements
  • Inauguration/ Banquet venues
  • Trade and Industry venues
  • Rooming and residential blocks
  • Meals and Banqueting
  • Venue Licenses

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